Stream to Web server
To watch your surveillance content if the Stream to Web Server broadcasting method is used, you have to point your Internet browsers to the address like:, where "loginname" is ID, which you will receive after sign up for Web Streaming.
HTTP Server
If the HTTP Server method is used, viewers type IP address and HTTP port of surveillance computer in the Internet browser (for example:
If you want to connect to your camera from within local area network, open Internet Browser, and just type IP address of camera's computer and camera's port.
If you want to connect to your camera from outside local area network or from Internet, you have to know external IP address of your local area network, which can be defined at:
Open Internet Browser, and type external IP address of surveillance computer and camera's port. If your network uses firewall, make sure that the port and IP address of camera's computer are open on the firewall. Please refer to the router configuration section in the frequently asked questions.
When viewers connect to HTTP server, it shows a default web page. This web page contains special code that shows your camera.
You can create this web page with any HTML editor.
Fortunately, the program has own tool, called Web Page Creation Wizard, to prepare this web page.
To open the Web Page Creation Wizard, select Create Web Page from the Tools menu.
Web Page Creation Wizard helps you to specify title for your web page and change other attributes, such as background and text color, upper and lower captions.
It creates the web page HTML file, and uploads page's files to a folder or to an FTP server where your web page is located.
FTP Upload
If the FTP Upload broadcasting method is used, viewers open camera's web page on a web server. This web server can be ordered from any web hosting company.
Camera's web page must be created and uploaded to this web server. This page contains special code that is constantly downloads image from web server and simulates live video.
Remote Access
If the Remote Access broadcasting method is used, the Active WebCam program must be installed on the viewer's computer in order to watch the camera. See more info about how to connect to the camera from remote computer using the remote access.
HTML code to show camera on own web page
Broadcasting method: Stream to Web server
Insert the following code into your HTML page:
height="320" width="480">
Please use your login name instead of YOUR_ID_HERE in tag above. The only parameter you need is 'c', which indicates your camera number.
Parameters description:
w - webcam picture width.
h - webcam picture height.
bg - background color. Default is blue color.
b or border - show/hide frame border with buttons. (1/0 or ON/OFF)
v=java - use Java Applet viewer instead of ActiveX (You need to activate Java Applet viewer first in your profile

Broadcasting method: HTTP Server
To show Media Player insert the following code into your web page:
<OBJECT; Name="WMP1" WIDTH=320 HEIGHT=325 classid="CLSID:22d6f312-b0f6-11d0-94ab-0080c74c7e95"
standby="Loading Microsoft Windows Media Player components..." type="application/x-oleobject">
<PARAM; NAME="ShowControls" VALUE="1">
<PARAM; NAME="ShowStatusBar" VALUE="1">
<PARAM; NAME="ShowDisplay" VALUE="0">
<PARAM; NAME="DefaultFrame" VALUE="Slide">
<PARAM; NAME="Autostart" VALUE="1">
<PARAM; NAME="DisplaySize" VALUE="0">
<embed; type="application/x-mplayer2" pluginspage=""
Name=WMP1 Autostart=1 ShowControls=1 ShowDisplay=0 ShowStatusBar=1 DefaultFrame="Slide"
width=320 height=325>
To show Java Applet add the following code to your HTML text:
<APPLET; CODE="WebCam_Viewer.class"
  WIDTH=640 HEIGHT=480>
  <PARAM; NAME="IMAGE" VALUE="/ActWebCamHelp/capture0.jpg">
Broadcasting method: FTP Upload
Insert the following code into your web page to show Java Applet:
<APPLET; CODE="WebCam_Viewer.class"
  WIDTH=640 HEIGHT=480>
  <PARAM; NAME="IMAGE" VALUE="/ActWebCamHelp/capture0.jpg">
Your web page folder must contain the WebCam_Viewer.class file. This file uploads captured images from Web Camera and shows them in Internet browser.
Java Applet Parameters
Java Applet displays captured images up to 20 frames per second. Unfortunately not all Web Browsers support Java Applets, also most of Pocket PCs don't have Java Engine.
Parameter: Description:
COLOR Defines applet's background color. The color value is a six digit hexadecimal RGB specification preceded by the pound (#) sign. The first two digits indicate the red value, the second two digits indicate the green value, and the last two digits indicate the blue value. The range for each color value is 00 to FF inclusive.
Modify the COLOR parameter according to the color of your web page.
<!-- red background -->
IMAGE Defines file name of captured image, which is defined in the Image Name box. See Image Name for more info.
<PARAM; NAME="IMAGE" VALUE="/ActWebCamHelp/Cam.jpg">
BORDER If value is "ON" applet draws frame around image. If value is "OFF", applet just displayes the captured image.
How to create WebCam page with Actual Drawing
In the Actual Drawing program:<APPLET; CODE="WebCam_Viewer.class"
  WIDTH=640 HEIGHT=480>
  <PARAM; NAME="IMAGE" VALUE="/ActWebCamHelp/capture0.jpg">
Displaying Still Images on Web Page
If you don't want to use the Java applet on your web page to display webcam, it is easy to configure your web page to display captured image.
This method doesn't need any special technologies like Java Engine and it works with any Web browser, but frame rate cannot be higher than 1 frame per second.
Use a tag like this to display the image:
<IMG; WIDTH=240 HEIGHT=180 SRC="/ActWebCamHelp/capture0.jpg">
Change the SRC parameter according to value in the Image Name box in the Internet Setting dialog box.
To refresh the image, add a tag like this to the <Head;> section of your web page:
This will cause Internet browser to refresh page every 10 seconds. Specify this value to the same as your broadcasting frame rate and your viewers will see an updated image right away when it has been captured.
Watching camera on PDA or Cell Phone
To watch camera on PDA or cell phone you have to have a PY Software account.
To subscribe click the PY Software web services command from the Tools menu.
First of all you nee to activate Web Streaming.
To activate Web StreamingTo watch camera on cell phone:
Type the http://<your;_login_name>; address on cell phone.
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