Scale Image shrinks or grows captured image. Set desired image size in per-cents of original image.
Crop Image allows to select part of a captured image and discard the rest.
To define cropping area, click to select the Crop Image check box. A resizable selection box appears over the image. Resize the selection as needed and then move it over the part of the image you want to keep. You can use Arrow keys to move rectangle or Shift + Arrows to resize.
The Crop Image parameter is used in broadcating and in the video recording.
Rotating Image
If your camera is ceiling mounted, you can have 180° rotated image by selecting the Rotate | 180° option.
Some cameras and frame grabbers allow to produce cropped, scaled or rotated images. If these functions are performed "on board" it doesn't use computer CPU. Check the presenting of such features by clicking the Format button at Camera Settings dialog box.
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Scale and Crop Image