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Actual Drawing
New version 7.1
Bug Fixes and Changes
Please don't uninstall previous version.
Version 7.1
  • Added new features and important bug-fixes.
Version 5.6
  • New version features ability to define table width in percents of screen size.
Version 5.5
  • Added wave distortion.
Version 5.4
  • Added contour conversions.
Version 5.3
  • Added new layer transformation tolls.
Version 5.2
  • Added new filter to create tiled backgrounds.
Version 5.1
  • The new version features new creative color effects.
Version 5.0
  • Added Change Background Colors in Batch Processor.
  • Added new features in Web Album.
Version 4.6
  • Added new command to unselect objects.
  • Added a feature to create hyperlink to an e-mail address.
  • Some minor bugs were fixed.
Version 4.5
  • Some minor bugs were fixed.
Version 4.4
  • Display and edit Flash files in design mode.
  • The font list draws font names in the list using their fonts.
  • Some minor bugs were fixed.
Version 4.3
  • Added about 20 Ready-to-use Java Scripts, like scrolling and flying texts, funky cursors, date and time counters, and various background effects.
  • Some minor bugs were fixed.
Version 4.2
  • Added tool to insert images from attached video devices.
  • Added new image filter: Frame Around Image.
Version 4.1
  • Added Layer Rotation.
  • Added dialog box to change the table cell Width and Height.
  • Added tool to edit pixels in images.
  • In the URL Properties box added button to select the web page URL from Internet Explorer.
  • Fixed bug: link from image sometimes doesn't change.
  • Fixed bug: counter clockwise doesn't work for polygon rotation.
  • Some other minor bugs were fixed.
Version 3.5
  • Added feature to insert Multimedia files.
  • Now PNG file format is supported.
  • Some bugs were fixed.
Version 3.4
  • Added Batch Processor. A tool to simplify process of making changes in large number of documents.
  • Added Page Icon in Page Properties.
  • Some bugs were fixed.
Version 3.3
  • Added Browser Compatibility.
  • Added ability to insert Flash, Shockwave, Java, Plug-in, and ActiveX objects.
  • Added feature to create Frame-Based Pages.
  • Some bugs were fixed.
Version 3.2
  • Added HTML syntax highlighting in the Container with HTML text.
  • Some bugs were fixed.
Version 3.1
  • New fill types: radial fill, conical fill, square fill and pattern.
  • Text outlines.
  • Polygon shapes.
  • Lines.
  • New effects: Inner Shadow, Blurred Bevel and Inner Glow.
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