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Actual Drawing Deluxe
Actual Drawing Deluxe Includes additional tools to submit Web Site to major search engines, creating Frame-Based Pages, Batch Processor, and Web Album.
Submit Web Site to major search engines
Nearly everyone (95% of Internet users) begins Web travel at a major search engine. Millions of people visit the most popular search engines every day and when people find your pages using search engines, it is because they are looking for the type of company, service or product you offer.
People coming to your site from search engines are more likely to buy than if you attract them using other forms of Web promotion, like: Emailing, Banners, Link exchange programs, and other web promotion methods.
You can submit one page or a few pages.
Creating Frame-Based Pages
Frames divide a web page into multiple HTML pages. Frequently, frames are used to add a side menu bar to a web site where the constant back and forth clicking would become tedious in a single page.
With frames, you can have a section of your page remain "loaded" at all times. In other words, you can have a navigation menu on your page so when you click a link on it, the whole page doesn't change, it loads the link you clicked into a 'frame' on your page.
Frame-based page:
Batch Processor
Batch Processor simplifies the process of making changes in large number of files. You simply select documents and add batch processing commands, such as Search and Replace Text, Links, Images, Fonts, or Change Export Properties, and the program automatically performs this commands.
Web Album
A Web Album is a web page that contains a collection of graphics arranged in a specific layout.
Actual Drawing has a tool called Web Album that lets you automate complex tasks of inserting graphics, creating thumbnails (a miniature representation of a picture, usually containing a hyperlink to a full-sized original picture), and setting proper hyperlinks to the original pictures.

The program contains various thumbnail frames to build a creative and stylish Web Album. You can choice one of 17 different frames and customize it by changing it's color or select another pattern.
Broken Links Check Up
Broken links and malfunctioning site features cost you page impressions, customers and respect. If your site does not function correctly, you are likely to lose the visitors you have worked to attract. The Broken Link Check Up feature helps you to find problems with your site before they damage your visitor base.
Use the Check Up Broken Links feature to search for broken links and unreferenced files in a Web page, or in an entire site.

The program performs the link testing as a link-following webspider, which give you full report on links found in all scanned web pages.
Ready-to-use Java Scripts
Actual Drawing includes over 20 ready-to-use JavaScript programs that you can insert into your Web pages. It offers an easy to use interface for adding the most popular JavaScript effects, like scrolling and flying texts, funky cursors, date and time counters, and various background effects.

The script appears on your Web page as a container with HTML text. You can edit the script at any time you want by selecting this container and double clicking on it.
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