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Actual Drawing Deluxe
Please download the full version of Actual Drawing Deluxe:

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How to download a program
Simply click on the download link. Your browser is likely to respond in one of two ways: Your browser will then begin downloading the file. How long this takes depends on the size of the file, the speed of your modem, and the level of internet traffic on the server and the internet.
How to install the program
When the file is done downloading, start Windows Explorer and go to the folder where you saved the file.
Double-click on the name of the file.
If the file is a .ZIP file: .ZIP files must be unzipped before they can be used. To unzip a .ZIP file, you need an unzipping program. There are many unzipping programs, but the best is WinZip ( After you download and install an unzipping program, clicking on a .ZIP file in Windows Explorer will start your unzipping program. Most unzipping programs can unzip files and immediately run a setup program that may be inside the .ZIP file. See your unzipping program's documentation for how to do this.
If the file is an .EXE file or after you unzip the file: If the downloaded file is a .EXE file, all you need to do is double click on it in Windows Explorer and the installation program will run. If the file is a .ZIP file, there should be a .EXE file inside of it. Once you unzip the file, you simply run the .EXE file (which is usually called setup.exe).
After the install program runs, you should be able to run the program by clicking on the Start button, Programs, then find the program in the list.
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