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the tool for delivering audio and video content

PYSoft Broadcaster is a powerful tool for delivering live audio and video content in real time to client computers. You can broadcast from anything that you can plug into your audio or video card, including a Video Camera, Microphone, CD Player, or TV Tuner.

Users can view your content with Microsoft Windows Media Player.

If you have prerecorded audio and video you can quickly and easily convert it to Windows Media format using this program.

Record and Upload Content to Web Site:
To have an archive of your broadcasting the program has features to record captured content and store the resulting files on your hard drive or upload them to a web server using FTP protocol.
Broadcast from Many Cameras:
The program supports multiple cameras broadcasting and recording. You can setup the program to broadcast from all your cameras simultaneously or cycle the cameras at predefined interval.

A built-in scheduler lets you schedule future broadcasting and recording. It can start and stop camera at any time, and you can set recurring schedules for running daily and weekly broadcasts.
Ways to Use:
Monitor your home or office while you are away.
Create own internet TV or Radio Station.
Broadcast educational programs.
Show live weather conditions from web site.
Use it at your front door. You can collect videos of all your guests!
Create video presentations.
Show a video press conference or online meeting.
The program has been tested with the following cameras:
Orange Micro WebCamDV
Orange Micro Ibot Firewire Web Cam
Logitech QuickCam
Philips PCVC Camera
Philips VGA Digital Camera
Philips ToUCam Pro
Intel Deluxe PC Camera
3COM Bigpicture Video Phone
3Com Home Connect
X10 Wireless xc10a USB
Creative Web Cam Pro Plus
Creative Video Blaster Webcam
Aiptek PenCam
D-link Camera
ViviCam 50
Dexxa Webcam
Ezonics Ezcam II
Panasonic NV-DS38
Plustek OptiCam
System Requirements:
  - Intel® Pentium® II/200 MHz or compatible
  - Microsoft® Windows® 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, or XP
  - 32MB RAM (64 MB recommended)
  - 20 MB hard disk space
  - Color monitor
  - Mouse or other pointing device
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