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Animated Screen
New version 6.8 - Bug Fixes and Changes
Version 6.8
  • Added new image filter tolls to triangle sprites.
Version 6.7
  • Added new features: Split Colors and Blend Edges sprite conversions.
  • Some minor bugs were fixed.
Version 6.6
  • Added new tolls to ripple, spotlight, and wave pictures.
Version 6.5
  • Added new color effects to buttonize, posterize, trace, find edges, and pixelate images.
Version 6.4
  • Added feature to convert one image or all images to GIF or JPEG image format. This feature helps to reduce screen saver size.
  • Some minor bugs were fixed.
Version 6.3
  • Added image effects:
    Replace Color,
    Gray Scale,
    Reduce Colors,
    Invert Colors1,
    Gamma Correction,
Version 6.2
  • Added new auto effects.
  • Some minor bugs were fixed.
Version 6.1
  • Some bugs have been fixed.
Version 6.0
  • New objects - rectangles and ellipses have been added. They have fountain or velvet filling, bevels and outline.
  • New parameter, to include or not text and shape images to screen saver, in the Save options has been added. It helps to create smaller screen savers.
  • Background has fountain or velvet filling now.
  • Users can add own effects in the Auto Effects list by adding own animations to the "AutoEffects" folder. Also you can modify Auto Effects.
Version 5.21
  • Fixed bug: Screen saver doesn't allow enter password under Win 95/98 when a password protection is set.
Version 5.2
  • Now, when you add an image, it can be converted to the number of BMP frames or keeps own format like GIF, JPEG or AVI. This can reduce the screen saver size because usually, animation, which contains images in original format has smaller size than animation with uncompressed BMP frames.
  • Added a feature, which allows to set own icon for screen saver file or for the screen saver distributive. Also Comments, Company Name and Legal Trademarks in the File Properties window can be changed.
  • A Size Consultant feature has been added. It analyzes animation file and shows a list of recommendations how to decrease size of screen saver.
  • Fixed bug: JPEG images always have 256 colors.
Version 4.2
  • The speed of animation performing has been increased over 30% under Windows 95/98.
  • Added "Rotation" transition effect.
  • Now, the whole sprite's path is visible in gray colors.
  • Fixed bug: Menu command Movie|Play doesn't work.
Version 4.1
  • Added 3D text tool, which allows to have control over the text, the font, the depth of the 3D extrude and the lighting.
  • Fixed bug: when selecting a screen saver from the CONTROL PANEL/DISPLAY/SCREEN SAVER if the name of the screen saver is more than one word, the second word is never capitalized.
Version 3.11
  • Added Sprite rotation tool.
  • Background color can be a transition of two colors. That transition flows smoothly from one color to another.
  • Added parameter - Number of Animation Loops. Animation can be repeated predefined number of times.
  • Added parameter that the greeting can be automatically closed after last loop.
  • Sprites can have individual palettes after 256 colors conversion.
  • Added parameter that sprite is visible in registered screensavers only or in unregistered screensavers only.
  • Creating different palette for each sprite. It allows to reduce size of animation and keep the animation color depth.
  • Supports additional sound formats: *.snd,*.ram,*.mod,*.au,*.aiff,*.mp2,*.mp3.
  • The sprite properties panel has auto-hide property. This property reduces the sprite properties panel to a thin line at the right side of your screen.
  • Added a recently used file list, which displays the names of the most recently used files on the File menu.
Version 3.10
  • Added visual sprite control. You can drag sprite and sprite's motion to a desired position by mouse.
  • Added trial period for shareware screensavers.
  • Added limitation for shareware screensavers that the unregistered user will see only defined number of steps.   •   • When the user enters a registration key, it unlocks the FULL saver.
  • Screensaver distributive can be uncompressed, that allows to get maximum compression when you use winzip for distribution.
  • Added undo function.
  • Added rain angle that allows to create effects like clouds or bubbles.
Version 2.23
  • Added features for loading and creating custom palettes.
  • Animation can be saved as set of compressed JPEG images.
  • Transparent images are stretching more smoothly.
  • Added horisontal and vertical sprite flipping.
  • Sounds window shows played sound file now.
  • Added the Checking for Upgrade featute, which informs you about new version of Animated Screen.
  • Added the Export Animation feature, which can grab frames from AVI files with WAV sound.
  • Fixed a bug, the algorithm for creating adaptive palette is changed.
Version 2.22
  • Screen saver's installation displays "Display Properties" window after successful installation.
  • Added anti-aliasing method for resizing images, which creates intermediate pixels that smooth the transition between colors.
  • Fixed a bug, sometimes the screen savers created with previous versions don't run under Windows 98. Now the screensavers work under Windows 98 even if Microsoft Office toolbar is running.
Version 2.2
  • Creating animation from AVI files.
  • Added 10 transition effects.
  • Creating AVI file with WAV sound.
  • Added "GIF Optimization Wizard" for creating smallest GIF files.
  • Added Preview window in the File Open window.
Version 2.1
  • Export the animation to .GIF, .AVI, .BMP files. This allows you to create animated images and banners for your Web site.
  • Added coordinates of Relative Point which can be used for shifting a sprite concerning its position. For instance, if you specify the Relative Point coordinates as X=50%, Y=50% and sprite's position as X=50%, Y=50%, the sprite will be placed on screen center independently of screen size.
  • The sprite can be stretched to screen size. This option can be used if you create a slide-show screen saver.
  • Converting the animation to 256 colors palette. This option converts all images to paletted 256 colors.
Version 1.3
  • The main feature added to new version - the screen savers can work on 256 color displays as well as on true color displays. This is necessary because a lot of user’s computers work in 256 colors mode. New version saves pictures in theirs own format that reduces size of animation in most cases.
  • Sprite can be a shareware reminder. It disappears when your customers enter reg. name and reg. key, which you've sent to them.
  • Greeting can pop-up a customized About window which can contain author's information and WWW address (thanks Carolyn Hope for advice).
  • The program checks amount of free system resources (for Win 95 only). It makes the program more bulletproof and sometimes it prevents system faults.
  • Added more drag and drop features.
  • The Edit Sprite window displays current frame number.
  • The Mute button remembers last status.
  • You can define default folders that appear in the Open and Save As dialog boxes (thanks Marcel Hermans for advice).
  • Automatically save the animation periodically when you're working. It can protect your work from power failure or similar problem.
  • The program displays real speed of animation performing in steps per second.
System Requirements:
  - Intelฎ Pentiumฎ II/200 MHz or compatible
  - Microsoftฎ Windowsฎ 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, or XP
  - 32MB RAM (64 MB recommended)
  - 20 MB hard disk space
  - Color monitor
  - Mouse or other pointing device
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