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Active WebCam

New version 11.4

Bug Fixes and Changes

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Version 11.4
  • New features and error fixes.
Version 11.3
  • Added support of ABS MegaCam IP camera.
Version 11.2
  • Added support BSTI PD100HV2 IP camera.
Version 11.0
  • Added support of PTZ control in Orbit camera.
Version 10.9
  • Added support of Airlink101 SkyIPCam500 camera.
Version 10.8
  • Added support of TRENDnet TV-IP110 cameras.
Version 10.7
  • Added localization on Arabic language.
Version 10.6
  • Added support of GS4000 and NC4000 cameras.
Version 10.5
  • New features and error fixes.
Version 10.2
  • Some errors were fixed.
Version 9.4
  • Some errors were fixed.
Version 9.0
  • Added MPEG-4 compression.
  • Added Spanish Language.
Version 8.5
  • Some bugs were fixed.
Version 8.4
  • Improved compatibility with Windows Vista.
Version 8.3
  • Added support of Swann Max-IP-Cam.
  • Add button "Capture " with "Use View Pin" and "Convert image to 24 bit".
Version 8.1
  • Some bugs were fixed.
Version 8.0
  • Added support of the LevelOne WCS-2060 camera.
  • Added support of the CAS-861 camera.
Version 7.9
  • Added support of the Creative Live camera.
  • Added support of the Creative BriteCam camera.
Version 7.8
  • Fixed bug with logitech camera that after motion it never stop recording.
  • Fixed bug that FTP disconnects when uploading under the way.
Version 7.6
  • Added support of the GS-9603 camera.
Version 7.5
  • Added support of GS1200 and GS1200G cameras.
Version 7.4
  • New version features the video channel selection in Axis Video Server.
Version 7.3
  • Added the Copy and Paste Camera commands.
Version 7.2
  • Added support of Linksys WVC200 cameras.
  • Added support of LevelOne WCS-2000 cameras.
  • Added support of TRENDnet TV-IP201 cameras.
Version 7.1
  • Added support Lynksys IP cameras.
  • Added support of "Pelco D" PTZ protocol.
Version 7.0
  • Added SMS alerts in motion detection.
Version 6.9
  • Added capture card detection and driver installation.
Version 6.7
  • Added audio support in the Streaming Service.
  • Added support of the following cameras: Aviosys IP Kamera 9060, Toshiba IK-WB21A, Sony Network Camera SNC-P5.
Version 6.6
  • Added support of the supports Grand IP II camera.
Version 6.5
  • Added support of the following cameras: NC 800 IP Camera, IQeye IP Cameras.
Version 6.4
  • Some bugs were fixed.
Version 6.3
  • Added ability to manage Video Conversion Tool from command line.
  • Added ability to add caption text from file and refresh it periodically.
Version 6.2
  • Added support of the following cameras: VCenter NC 1000, GRANDTEC IP Cameras, MOBI Internet Cameras, Sweex IP Network Camera, Panasonic BL-C10A or BL-C30A Camera, KW3730 Dual Mode Network Camera, Sony Network Camera SNC-M3.
Version 6.1
  • Added ability to not draw "OFF LINE" sign if there is no picture from camera.
  • Added the "Open all video capture channels" command.
Version 6.0
  • Added ability to control Watchdog from network.
  • Added Portuguese language.
Version 5.9
  • Added ability to search all IP cameras located in network.
  • Added languages: German, Russian, Slovak.
  • Improved stability of HTTP server.
Version 5.8
  • Added ability to send image changes only.
  • Added support of the following cameras: Trust Surveillance Camera, KW3701 CMOS Wired Network Camera, KW3702 CMOS Wireless Network Camera, KW3715 CCD Wired Network Camera, KW3716 CCD Wireless Network Camera, KW3720 1 Port Video Server
Version 5.7
  • Added support of Panasonic "WV" series IP camera.
Version 5.6
  • Added "Digital Zoom". It simulates zoom when the Zoom button is pressed.
Version 5.5
  • Added ability to capture audio from Toshiba IP cameras.
Version 5.4
  • Added motion detection for remote cameras.
Version 5.3
  • Added command line parameter to run the program in full screen mode.
  • Added multi-language support.
  • Added ability to limit time that viewers spend watching the camera.
  • Fixed error in scheduler.
Version 5.2
  • Added the "User Name" column in the Log window.
  • Added "User Name" in the access log.
  • Added the "Search Cameras" command. The program searches cameras connected to the computer.
  • Fixed bug that scheduler sometimes doesn't stop recording.
Version 5.1
  • Added the Stream to Web server broadcasting method. The program sends video and audio to the PY Software web server. Users connect to this web server and watch the camera.
  • Added ability to setup different motion values depending on day's time.
  • Added ability to specify non-rectangular motion area.
  • Added feature that highlights moving objects on the screen.
  • Added Watchdog a small software that monitors and automatically restarts the program if it's locked-up.
  • Added password protection from closing the program from task tray.
  • Added check box "Recording all the time".
  • Added command "Save "Live" file as...".
Version 5.0
  • Added ability to pan, tilt, and zoom camera via HTTP server.
  • Added ability to 180 rotate captured image.
  • Ability to enter web addresses instead of IP in the remote address.
  • A "Motion Histogram" has been added to Video Player.
  • Added ability to enter tags in the motion emails.
  • Added tag {VIDEODEVICE}.
Version 4.7
  • The "Playback Speed" controls have been added to Video Player.
  • The "Copy Image to Clipboard" command has been added to Video Player.
  • The "Save Image to File" command has been added to Video Player.
  • The "Print Image" command has been added to Video Player.
  • A timeline with small thumbnails has been added to Video Player.
Version 4.6
  • Added ability to change Compression via Remote Access.
  • Added ability to change Broadcast parameters via Remote Access.
  • Added ability to pan, tilt, and zoom camera via Remote Access.
  • Added ability to run the program as service.
  • Added the multi-input capture cards support.
Version 4.5
  • Added functionality to work with VEO Observer cameras.
  • Added ability to display tenth-seconds (0.1 second), hundredth-seconds (0.01 second), and milliseconds (0.001 second) in the caption.
  • Fixed bug that the program doesn't write to file bigger than 1 GB.
  • Fixed bug that the program doesn't send emails to multiple addresses.
Version 4.4
  • Added feature that positions the camera when user clicks the image.
  • Added functionality to work with Toshiba's firmware 2.0 (Base 64 encoding).
  • Fixed bug that session cannot be saved under Windows 98.
  • Added permissions in Remote Access.
Version 4.3
  • In HTTP server a parameter has been added which disconnects HTTP viewer if it's inactive, that forces viewers enter password again.
Version 4.2
  • Added ability to have anti-aliased thumbnails.
  • Added feature to scale picture with anti-aliasing.
Version 4.1
  • Added New Camera Wizard.
  • Added motion event that allows pop-up Main Window and make it active.
  • Added motion event that changes recording and broadcasting settings.
  • Added motion event, which starts snapshots creation.
  • Support of several new network cameras has been added.
Version 4.0
  • Simultaneous recording and broadcasting from multiple cameras.
  • Added ability to broadcast audio.
  • Added Encrypted Transmission.
  • Added ability to make password protected video clips.
  • Added ability to place Image Overlays on captured picture.
  • Added Live Recording that allows rewind and playback captured content at any time.
  • Added features to work with network IP cameras.
  • Added Pan / Tilt / Zoom (for network cameras that support it).
Version 3.8
  • Fixed error that motion email sends only one time.
Version 3.7
  • Ability to send e-mails with authentication has been added.
Version 3.6
  • Fixed error that Java Applet doesn't show images more then 64Kb size.
Version 3.5
  • The program remembers TV-tuner settings now.
  • Fixed memory leakage during FTP uploading.
  • Some other minor bugs were fixed.
Version 3.4
  • Some bugs were fixed.
Version 3.3
  • Added Warming time parameter that defines a delay in seconds before the program starts to detect motion. It can be increased if camera needs time to adjust focus or stabilize picture.
  • "Stealth" Mode has been improved to make the program more invisible.
  • Some bugs were fixed.
Version 3.2
  • Added Password protection in task tray.
  • Added "Stealth" Mode.
  • Some bugs were fixed.
Version 3.1
  • Added Camera Circler, which helps to broadcast from multiple cameras by cycle through cameras.
  • Added a window to view viewers IP addresses, Domains, and who is connected now.
  • Added Dynamic IP Service, which allows your web camera to have a permanent address on the internet whenever IP of your computer changes.
Version 2.1
  • Added support for DirectShow capture devices.
  • Added ability to change name of broadcasted image.
  • Added ability to create archive of broadcasted images.
  • Now HTTP server can ask viewers for authorization.
  • Number of viewers on HTTP server can be limited.
  • Access to HTTP server can be logged in text file.
  • Motion events can be logged in text file.
  • Added features to manage the program from command line.
  • Added option to upload own "Off Line" image when camera is off.
  • Now video can be recorded with sound.
  • Recorded video can be automatically uploaded to FTP server.
  • Video can be recorded in MPEG format.
  • Now the web page applet has option not to draw frame around image.
  • Some bugs were fixed.
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