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Advanced Dialer
Advanced Dialer performs multiple re-dials on several lines until the connection established. After that it monitors carrier, and if a connection is dropped or lost it reconnects automatically.
If an application requires Internet connection, Advanced Dialer automatically connects to Internet.
Usages chartAdvanced Dialer tracks each connection and calculates the amount of money you spend online. It creates separate charts for each connections.
For each connection you can easily create a Dial-Up script to automate the process of connecting to your Internet Service Provider.
SchedulerYou can schedule your Internet connections by setting up the date and time when the connection has to be made.
Advanced Dialer's Main module utilizes less memory, it has about 200 Kbytes size.
Icon in system trayIt is easily accessible from the taskbar tray and starts dialing by just one click on the pop-up menu.
To prevent unauthorized access, Advanced Dialer allows you to password-protect your dial-up service.
Actions listAdvanced Dialer can run applications upon establishing or breaking the connection. For example, it will run E-Mail application or a Web browser when a network connection is established.
To keep your computer clock synchronized with the atomic clock at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Advanced Dialer queries NIST time server and converts its time to your local time. You can choose the synchronization frequency - every day, week or month.
Advanced Dialer helps you to setup parameters of dial-up connection by reading them from a text file. It gives you a decision of common problem, how to connect new computer to Internet quickly and easily.
You can receive this text file from your Internet Service Provider or copy from another computer.
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If you wish to give your customers an easy access to Internet, Advanced Dialer is best decision. Put your phone numbers and IP settings to installation package and all the customer needs is install and click "Connect". Order your customized version of Advanced Dialer at our Online Store.

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System Requirements:
  - Intel® Pentium® II/200 MHz or compatible
  - Microsoft® Windows® 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, or XP
  - 32MB RAM (64 MB recommended)
  - 20 MB hard disk space
  - Color monitor
  - Mouse or other pointing device
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