Actual Drawing provides a wide variety of preset templates to help create web pages.
If desired, you can modify any of these templates and then save it as a new template. For example, if you like a template but want to make it more versatile, you can add items that you've created or that you've taken from another template.
If none of the preset templates meets your needs, you can create your own template based on your own items or items taken from other templates. You can also create a template from any web page you create in Actual Drawing. If desired, you can even save graphics or text objects with the template. When you save objects with a template, you can choose to include these objects when you create a new web page using the template.
Templates can be applied at any time during an Actual Drawing session. For example, you can use the New From Template command (in the File menu) to open a template.
If you want, you can save templates to the Template folder on your hard drive.
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