The program can place unlimited number of text, image and rectangular captions onto captured images. Text captions are providing some information on captured image, and / or data - time stamp. The image and rectangular captions allow you to decorate captured image.

The caption position can be specified in pixels or you can choose from the list of predefined positions like Top-Left, Top-Center etc. In this case the caption will stay at this position regardless of the image size.
To create new caption
Text Captions
In the Caption Text box, type a text caption.
If you want to insert a date and time in the caption, it must be enclosed in the braces {}. Like: {dd/mm/yyyy}.
For example the text:
Captured on {dd/mm/yyyy} at {hh:nn:ss}
will be displayed as:
Captured on 10/08/2001 at 22:13:30
Time formatting macros
You can use the following data/time placeholders to display current date and time in the Text Captions:
d Displays the day as a number without a leading zero (1-31).
dd Displays the day as a number with a leading zero (01-31).
ddd Displays the day as an abbreviation (Sun-Sat).
dddd Displays the day as a full name (Sunday-Saturday).
m Displays the month as a number without a leading zero (1-12).
mm Displays the month as a number with a leading zero (01-12).
mmm Displays the month as an abbreviation (Jan-Dec).
mmmm Displays the month as a full name (January-December).
yy Displays the year as a two-digit number (00-99).
yyyy Displays the year as a four-digit number (0000-9999).
h Displays the hour without a leading zero (0-23).
hh Displays the hour with a leading zero (00-23).
n Displays the minute without a leading zero (0-59).
nn Displays the minute with a leading zero (00-59).
s Displays the second without a leading zero (0-59).
ss Displays the second with a leading zero (00-59).
ts Displays the tenth-second with a leading zero (00-09).
hs Displays the hundredth-second with a leading zero (00-99).
ms Displays the millisecond with a leading zero (000-999).
am/pm Uses the 12-hour clock and displays 'am' for any hour before noon, and 'pm' for any hour after noon.
Special wildcards:
{CAMERA} - displays camera number.
{MOTION} - shows current value of motion.
{COUNTER} - a placeholder for counted value.
{VIDEODEVICE} - shows the video device name. This wildcard can be used to separate video records from different cameras when the Cycle through video devices option is active.
{IP_ADDR} - shows IP address of computer.
{EXTERNAL_IP_ADDR} - shows external IP address of computer. This is the address that the "outside world" sees.
Image Captions
Set the image file by clicking the Browse button. Use appropriate controls to change the image position, opacity, and transparency.
The program allows you place rectangular areas onto image. You can set up the rectangle color and outline, as well as width, height, position, opacity, and transparency.
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