Getting Started
System Requirements
Active WebCam Folder Structure 
Loading Active WebCam
About the Active WebCam window 
Program Options 
User Guide
Part 1. Setting Up Session
Part 2. Setting Up Camera
Part 3. Quality of Recording and Broadcasting
Part 4. Scale and Crop Image
Part 5. Caption on Image
Part 6. Broadcasting
Part 7. Watching Broadcasting
Part 8. Motion Detection
Part 9. Schedule Events
Part 10. Recording Video
Part 11. Managing Program from Command-line
Part 12. Tools 
How Do I... ?
Connect a Camera
Start broadcasting from my PC
Broadcast at certain time
Show WebCam on my Web page
Display still images on my Web Page
Avoid IP address changes
Be informed when WebCam detected a motion
Place Recorded Video on my Web page
Create Web Page for my camera
Check up that the camera is visible from Internet
Find out IP Address of my computer 
Frequently Asked Questions