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2D & 3D Animator
Key Features
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3D Text
3D Text is a three-dimensional text string. You can change the font and thickness of 3D text, rotate and resize it, draw it with texture.
The program has two types of lights: Direct and Omni. The lights can be placed at any position and have any color.
The 3D text can be animated with rotation and dynamic lightening.
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2D Text
With 2D text you have character-level control over all text attributes, including color, outline, and filling. It can be drawn with shadow and live effects, using any font that your computer has. Font preview allows you to view a font before selecting it.
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The program creates animation by changing the position, size, and visibility of layers. For each layer, you can add unlimited number of Linear Motions and Fixed Positions. During the playback the program performs the motion sequence for each layer.
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Image Optimization
To cut loading time for site visitors, the program optimizes graphic by removing extraneous material. The optimization tool has simple interface and helps quickly compare different image formats to create the smallest image.
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Vector Images
Resolution-independent vector layers allow for quick creation images that can be resized without loss of quality. You can move and change its properties over and over again while maintaining its original clarity and crispness without affecting other objects in the animation.
Built in Image effects
Any layer can be drawn with multiple live effects. Live effects are completely editable. If you make any change to the layer, the effect automatically updates.
You can add shadow to layer, make it glow, draw it with opacity and much more.
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Unlimited transparency capabilities
A layer can be drawn in blending mode, that the layers behind the layer show through. A setting of 100 renders the layer completely opaque. A setting of 0 (zero) renders the layer completely transparent.
Filling objects
The linear, velvet, radial, conical, and square gradients and patterns enable you to create visual effects with stunning realism and help you to design tremendous animations much more easily.
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