You don't need to use dial-up connection if your computer is connected to Internet always, e.g. it has a permanent internet connection (such as, Cable Modem, DSL, ISDN, etc.).
If the Dial-Up service is enabled, Active WebCam establishes a dial-up connection every time when it needs to upload captured image.
To install dial-up networking (if it is not installed), open Control Panel, select Add/Remove Programs, choose Windows Setup, double-click Communications, and select Dial-Up Networking.
To use Dial Up service
Click Dial Up Connection from the Tools menu.
Click to select the Use Dial Up Connection check box.
Select a dial-up connection from drop-down list. Click the Create New Dial-Up Connection button if you want to make a new dial-up connection.
Disconnect after upload
After having uploaded an image, Active WebCam is able to hang up the dial-up connection. This can be useful, if you have configured a large interval to upload images and don't want to stay connected all this time.
Click to select the Disconnect After Upload check box, if you want Active WebCam to hang up after an image has been uploaded.
If the Use Default check box is checked, Active WebCam uses saved by Windows user name, password, domain, and phone number.
If the Use Default check box is unchecked, you can specify the user name, password, domain, and phone number yourself.
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