Active WebCam is distributed as Shareware. This is not Freeware or Public Domain. You may use the shareware version for 30 days. If after 30 days you would like to continue using it, then you should purchase a license. Registration removes a shareware reminder in captured images.
How to order Active WebCam
We accept Checks, Money Order, VISA, Master Card, American Express, Diners Club, Discover and First Virtual.
Online registration via Internet:
We accept all major credit cards. To order online through secure server please click the following link:
All information will be encrypted before transmission through Internet to prevent possible interception by a third party.  The secure order form is designed to provide government level security for your credit card transactions.
Email, FAX or Postal registration:
You need to create a email message or print a order form using the registration application
Startup the registration application by clicking the Run REGISTER.EXE program on the Help|Registration menu and follow the instructions step by step.
You can startup the registration application directly from Windows by starting up the file REGISTER.EXE at Active WebCam's directory.
Send the registration form at the Kagi Shareware service:
FAX: +1 (510) 652 6589
Postal address:
Kagi Shareware
1442-A Walnut Street #392-PZ
Berkeley, California, 94709-1405
Telephone Orders:
We takes telephone orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The phone number is: (510) 601-5244. The system provides answers to common questions and if you wish to place an order it will transfer your telephone call to an answering service.
Please send any comments about the program directly to PY Software Inc.
Registration Name and Registration Key
After you register the program you will receive a registration information, which you need to put to the program to unlock Active WebCam and have fully functional application.
The time delay between your payment and receiving the registration key is delay in getting the payment and delay in processing
For different kinds of communications it takes:
Online payment: 2 minutes - 2 days,
Email: max 7 days,
Fax: max 9 days,
Postal Mail: Weeks.
Please print out the email with your registration and save it in your records!

To unlock Active WebCam with registration information 
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